The Future of Crypto for Wall Street and Main Street with Aaron Kaplan

Wall Street and Main Street intersect in so many ways -- from the financial markets impacting everyday life, to the world around us impacting the way we do business. Meet Douglas Blake, Managing Director of Investment Services at Kingswood U.S., at the corner of Wall and Main to learn more about the products, programs, and people that serve the financial services industry, and how to apply them to your practice or investment strategy.

Joining Doug today is Aaron Kaplan Co-Chief Executive Officer at Prometheum. Prometheum provides a solution for digital asset securities investing — bringing together a blockchain-powered platform with the benefits of a securities-regulated marketplace. Doug & Aaron conversations about the regulatory history and what he thinks the future may hold on the heels of the collapse of one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms FTX.

Other highlights Include:

  • Why Aaron thinks that almost all digital asset related activities are going to come under the purview of the SEC and have to comply with the federal securities laws
  • The unprecedented growth of bitcoin and crypto & the challenges presented by that growth
  • Given the collapse of the FTX, how much activity in the last two to three years does Aaron feel was legitimate enterprise and how much of it was just fraud?
  • How should everyday people look at crypto/digital assets today?
  • Why does Aaron feel that only way for the crypto winter to end is for strict regulatory frameworks to be applied.
  • How is Prometheum addressing (what we hope or think will be) the crypto spring?
  • If you're going to regulate and centralize something that was not regulated and decentralized for so long, who does Aaron think are the players? Who would have interest in this space?

The views and opinions expressed in this interview are solely those of the interviewee and do not represent the opinions of Kingswood Capital Partners or its affiliates. For informational purposes only. Investing involves risk. Past performance may not be indictive of future results.

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