The Holy Grail of Investing: Exclusive Previews from the Upcoming Book with Christopher Zook

Christopher Zook is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer of CAZ Investments, a curator of unique investing opportunities with $6B in current assets under management. 

Christopher brings us an exciting preview of his upcoming book “The Holy Grail of Investing,” co-authored with #1 NY Times bestseller, Tony Robbins, aiming to educate investors on alternative investments – out February 13, 2024.

Also discussed:

  • CAZ Investments’ unique approach to alternative investing, with the ability to invest in diverse opportunities globally.
  • The alignment of CAZ Investments with its investors, with over 3,100 investors in all 50 states and 13 countries.
  • An overview of Christopher Zook’s upcoming book, “The Holy Grail of Investing,” co-authored with Tony Robbins, aiming to educate investors on alternative investments.
  • The importance of democratizing access to alternative investments beyond traditional avenues.
  • The Holy Grail of Investing concept, focusing on diversified asset allocation to reduce risk and increase returns.
  • Key alternative investment strategies such as investing in private asset management firms and professional sports teams.
  • The insights from interviews with top asset managers, emphasizing curiosity, rigorous discipline, and repeatable processes as keys to success in investing.

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