Why Nobody Is Engaging With Your Content

... and why that's detrimental to your overachieving quota

You and I know that you have a great product and we both know you are passionate about it.

But let's be honest here, you love your product, because it pays your mortgage.

Here's a really scary part - I don't care about your company or its products and services. Even more scary is that your prospects, don't care either.

Do you see the disconnect there?

So when you go to social and post about your product and service, brochures maybe, the only engagement you are getting is from other people from your company or maybe mates.

What's wrong with that?

There is a big issue with this, our job is to sell to new prospects. 

Our job in sales is to always talk to new people, in new accounts, spread the message.

Posting about products and services that nobody cares about won't get you very far.

So nobody is interested in your products and services and no prospects are interested in your post.

I bet it feels like a waste of time. To be honest, you probably are wasting your time.

People won't buy from a post on social media

I realise this may come as a shock as so many gurus say "post something and they will come"

If you work in B2B Enterprise like I do, nobody will buy from a post in social media, what we sell is far more complex than that. I'm not saying don't post, but posting does not give you the outcome we all want. 

Your objective is not to post about your company and your products, you job is to get a conversations.

It's conversations that will drive sales.

Here's a way to get conversations

1. have a buyer centric profile.  This is your shop window to the world.  As buyers are walking down the digital high street looking at LinkedIn profiles, they will walk towards people that have an interesting profile.

This isn't about selling your product or service, as we know, nobody cares, this is about you. People buy people, this is about you being your most authentic self, this is what people walk towards.

The same is the case based on buyers searching or you doing outbound.

2. Have a wide and varied network.  The bigger and more varied your network, the more likely buyers are going to find you. When they do see you, as you have a profile that is attractive to them, they will walk towards you and ask for your help. Totally different from the current situation, where buyers actively avoid you.

3. You need to have contact, that engages people, that gives them insight, that inspires people, entertains them. Tell them something they don't know. Like this article.  It does not talk about our company, it's written to help you sell more. 

We teach and coach you how to do this in our social selling and influence course.

What is social selling?

Here at DLA Ignite, we define social selling as

"Using your presence and behavior on Social Media to build influence,

make connections, grow relationships and trust, which leads to

conversation and commercial interaction."

It's not witchcraft, it's enabling your salespeople to work from home, (or the office) and create conversations with prospects and customers. Conversations on social media and conversations that convert. 

The problem with the name "social selling" is that people think that this is selling on social. All these pitches that you get on social are not social selling, they are spam.

The other thing you need to know about social selling is that this isn't about "putting out some videos" or "putting flowers on your profile" or "going viral" this is about revenue, EBITDA, you winning business from the competition and having a competitive advantage. 

With anything you do on social there are two questions you need to ask

1. How many leads / meetings / conversations will I get from this post / blog / activity?

2. How much revenue / EBITDA am I getting as a business?

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