What Business Data to Track in 2023… and How to Actually Use It with Erica Pauly

As business owners, we all know we’re supposed to track data… and use it to do something. But what do we track and how do we use that data to make informed business decisions?

Our guest, Erica Pauly of Track That Advisor, joins the podcast today to discuss the power of tracking various metrics in your financial planning business, and how to use that data to tell a story.

In this episode Erica shares:

  • What 5 things should advisors actually be tracking 
  • What 5 data points advisors commonly use, but shouldn’t!How to turn data points (stars) into a story (constellation) that makes sense
  • How frequently advisors should be interpreting their data
  • Simple ways to get started in tracking key information
  • This is the perfect episode to air right at the beginning of the year! I love a good fresh start when it comes to tracking.

If you’ve tracked data and just don’t know exactly what to do with it, or maybe you don’t know what to track to actually make a difference in your business, this is the episode for you!

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