Two Ways Financial Advisors Can Develop Marketing That Stands Out

Would you rather compete with a lot of people or a few for new business?

The answer is obvious, a few. Yet, when it comes to marketing many businesses default to doing what they think they should, based on what their competition or industry is doing. Often this results in the standard, website, newsletter, maybe a video and a half-hearted attempt at using social media. 

Many of us see up to 5,000 marketing messages daily. In an increasingly digital world, consumers are inundated with information and attempts to gain their mind and market share.

Your marketing approach should be informed first by your audience, goals and resources but to standout you need take it a step farther, with these two things: 

  1. Your unique voice and perspective based on your values and brand
  2. Gaps in your competitive marketplace

I was recently working with a client, doing competitive research to inform their brand and marketing approach. While evaluating how other firms were showing up on social it was clear Instagram was not a popular choice. My assumption from the start was that Instagram would not be a good fit. However, as we worked through their values and brand approach it became clear that Instagram was a great platform to not only stand out but to share their story in an authentic way. Lots of visuals, video and a younger demographic made sense for the business and bonus, their competition isn’t on the platform. 

Taking time to step back from our assumptions to understand what’s going on around us is a valuable exercise. It’s especially helpful for someone not as close to the business, such as a consultant, new employee or intern to do the research – they often aren’t as biased or rigid in industry or company beliefs.  

It’s easy to look around and feel like you should be doing more to market your business. I challenge you to resist the urge to simply follow the pack. Search for a new path to reach your prospects. If you find one that aligns with your business and brand, take it.

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