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Written by: Samantha Russell

Harnessing the Power of Twitter Marketing for Financial Advisors

It’s well known that people love to use social media around the world. It’s become a phenomenon whether they use it to talk to friends, family, or something else. In our case, financial advisors use it to connect and engage with their audience. With the ability to expand their reach, connect with clients, and increase overall engagement, it’s not a shock these platforms have become so popular. Including the popular social platform Twitter. With this in mind, it’s no shock Twitter marketing is a popular choice for advisors.

According to DemandSage, Twitter has around 450 million active monthly users. They are making Twitter the 6th most popular social media in the United States. In addition, Twitter users follow an average of 405, meaning your advisory could be one of those. Twitter and other social platforms continue to grow as technology becomes more and more prevalent in society. Highlighting the importance of financial advisors using Twitter marketing to grow their companies.

In this blog, we’ll be going over the power of Twitter marketing and how financial advisors should use it to connect with more clients, increase engagement, and grow their businesses.

What Twitter Marketing Can Do for Financial Advisors

First, financial advisors must understand that using a social media platform is almost always worth the time investment. This is because clients like to engage with their advisors on a more personal level as it helps improve trust and increase loyalty. In this case, here are some things you can expect to get from Twitter marketing:

What Twitter Marketing Can Do for Advisors

Improve Brand Recognition

First, we’ve learned that Twitter has ~450 million active monthly users. This highlights the vast potential that advisors have to get their brand and firm out there to a large audience. With this in mind, financial advisors can use Twitter to show off their brand and increase its recognition. By advertising or marketing your services and products while engaging with clients, you’ll be able to establish it as a name and improve brand recognition. For example, if you share a funny tweet, users will recognize you as the advisor who shared that tweet. From there, you use that to showcase your services. Remember, social media is foremost a social platform, so focus on that before trying to sell something. Take advantage of that fact to improve your brand recognition.

Attract New Followers

A big part of the social media game is attracting new followers to your account. From there, you’re able to interact and engage with said followers while also marketing your services. Twitter is a wonderful platform to bring in new clients because of the large number of monthly users. With thousands of new accounts being created daily, finding new clients, prospects, and followers isn’t an impossible challenge.

Increase Site Traffic

One of the best features of social media platforms like Twitter is the ability to use it as a propellant to bring users to your website. The more tweets you post and interactions you have with users, the more likely they are to be led toward your website. If you can grab their attention, you can lead them toward your site. From there, they can learn about your services and what you offer compared to other financial advisors. With an increase in site traffic, comes the potential of increased sales and new clients.

Twitter Marketing Tips Financial Advisors Should Know

Twitter Marketing Tips Advisors Should Know

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Your profile is the most important spot on Twitter, it lets users know who you are, what you do, and why. It’s also a place where most first impressions are made, so you want to make sure your is an excellent one. Consider these aspects of your profile to reinforce your brand:

  • Your Twitter Handle; This is your account name and helps users find your profile. If you can, make your handle consistent with other social media so you’re easy to find.

  • Profile Photo; This is the image that appears next to your name when you tweet, comment, or engage with other users. It’s best to use your logo so you can easily be identified.

  • Bio; Your bio is where you’ll tell users who you are. Since you only have 160 characters, make it short and sweet.

  • URL; The URL should include your company’s website so that users can easily find their way to your site.

These are just a few optimizations you can do to your Twitter profile to boost your website traffic and reinforce your brand.

Engage with Polls

Unlike other social media such as Facebook or Instagram, Twitter is limited in its unique interactive engagement ideas. Where it does shine is polls. Polls allow users to pose questions to their followers. Add up to four questions that allow you to engage with your audience. Not only are they simple, but they’re fun and help give advisors insight into what their audience is thinking. For example, if you’re trying to decide on an upcoming promo, put your ideas into a poll and see which gets the most votes. It’ll help you determine what your audience wants to see.

Go Visual with Imagery and Video

Tweets are the main component of Twitter. Allowing users to post short snippets or paragraphs. But visual assets can help communicate more with each tweet (thanks to Twitter’s 280-character limit). Share infographics that can easily explain something that might take multiple tweets. They always say a picture is worth 1000 words or in this case, maybe 5-6 tweets. Be sure to also share videos when you can, much like images, they can be used to share a larger amount of information without dealing with character limits.

Run Twitter Ad Campaigns

Finally, run ad campaigns. Twitter is a large social media after all so once you’ve got a solid handle on it, try branching out into paid advertising. Twitter marketing can help you grow your audience, promote services, and drive more traffic to your website. Like Facebook, Twitter ads allow you to target selective audiences and provide you with detailed analytics. It’s a cost-efficient way to grow your audience and reach a larger market of potential clients and prospects.

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