The Future of Financial Advisor Marketing Is Fusion Marketing

How do financial advisors grow their business during Covid-19? Fusion marketing. Fusion Marketing is everywhere. McDonald's is famous for it. You see a Mcdonald's commercial which turns into a Coca-Cola commercial and ends up in a Disney or Lucas film movie. They find the best partners. Family office advisors are successful because they have successfully built their “Network of professionals”. Each business is marketing to the same High Net Worth clients. Why not work together in the spirit of cooperation?

How do I acquire more ideal clients starting today?

What is a simple way to implement immediately to grow my business?

Opportunity: Being introduced to your new ideal clients through strategic networking and centers of influence. Having a team of professionals behind you makes you look increasingly valuable to a client with large investment, estate, or tax challenges. Build a network of professionals to help your client’s overall comprehensive financial, estate, and investment plan.  

Finding the best centers of influence for your clients

How do you find the best? If you don’t get a copy of the client’s tax return and will, then at least have the name of the client’s accountant and lawyer on your database. If you don’t have this information, get it. Ask your clients if they’re happy with their accountants, lawyers, mortgage persons, realtors, etc. If they are, get the names and let them know that you will contact those professionals because you are always looking for great professionals on your team. Then you have an opportunity to meet new professionals through your clients. Always find the best centers of influence through your best clients.

Show your centers of influence your value

Hold an online seminar with accountants, lawyers, and other centers of influence such as mortgage brokers, realtors, and business associates. This can be done on an online video call where you bring your network together. I have done this for several financial advisors I work with in my “Ideal Capacity Coaching Program”

The purpose of the online video meeting is to share ideas on tax-advantaged investing, estate planning, and other topics of mutual interest to help clients with estate planning, tax minimization, etc., or to help business owners with wealth transfer issues.

4 questions   

When I host the meeting for financial advisors, I add value to their relationship. The four questions I ask the network of professionals in an online video are: 1 who is your ideal client? This gets them talking about who they work with. 2. Tell me one of your success stories with an ideal client, how you solved a big problem, and helped them, keeping names confidential of course? Which they are proud to share since they never get to talk about it. 3. Do you have a comprehensive network of professionals? I teach them how to build out their own network, with scripts, the process, and details, adding tremendous value to their firm and their clients. 4. Are you looking for a few more ideal clients this year? I have never had a no to this question. Some professionals do not want more clients but everyone wants a few more ideal clients as defined by themselves. Then the conversation turns to teach them about fusion marketing.

See the possibilities

Now we help paint the picture and images of acquiring a few more ideal clients, everyone around the table has a few people to share with their partners in exchange for a few ideal clients. The next is to plan your online event with this small select group of people. When restaurants open up this would be the first meeting I would be planning, when people are comfortable doing so. The first luncheon would be with the COI group and the second the fusion marketing prospects. You can also do it online and save costs.

More online events- your network of professionals webinar series 

You can do special seminars just for accountants or lawyers. You could have special guest speakers or experts come out and speak about estate planning, experiences and advanced planning techniques to organize affairs through trusts, estate freezes, and other planning vehicles. Another theme: Set up an educational series and have a schedule to send to your centers of influence along with a survey about topics they might be interested in hearing about.  

Now has never been a better time to do webinars with your network 

A couple of accountants I spoke to last week were doing webinars on all of the government changes, which everyone in every country needs to know. Why not do this webinar with your accountant and a few of their top clients and lawyer and a few of their top clients and the mortgage specialist and a few of their top clients etc etc. Get excited about the possibilities of fusion marketing!  

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