The Cause of Pandemic Stress Is Not What You Think


This is a special message to all those female financial advisors out there who feel they can do it all. Because today is not typical and it won’t be typical while we’re experiencing this COVID pandemic. 

But consider this: pandemic stress is really an added layer of stress that we don’t necessarily feel.

Causing female financial advisors to miss a rare opportunity.

I want you to think of a water bottle as your life. It represents how many issues and challenges you can experience before you overflow. Before you reach your limit. 

Can you see how the current underlying environment due to COVID, has filled your water bottle up halfway! So your capacity for additional stress and issues, or challenges, or obligations or responsibilities, is not nearly what it used to be. 

Now you have a choice, you can look at this as a negative, or you can look at this, as my clients do, and recognize that this is a gift. 

This opportunity really is a gift for so many women advisors, because it’s forcing her to really step back and prioritize. To really think about what is really important to her because she can only handle so much right now.

When taking an evaluation about which priorities make the cut, consider that there are a lot of things that you do that make you feel good, or maybe even just feel responsible. 

But the reality is, is it really helping your family? Is it really helping your business? Is it really helping yourself? 

At the femXadvisor Business Retreat for my coaching clients we had four women come in from all over the place. The closest was two hours away, the furthest drove 19 hours. After the 2-day event they all agreed carving out time and making themselves a priority was invaluable. 

So as you look at your business and personal life, while you experience the stress of this pandemic, consider looking at it as a gift, because that’s exactly what it is. 

It’s really creating a catalyst for women financial advisors to reevaluate their lives and to start infusing what is truly important into their lives and their business. 

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