The Big Lie In Advisor Marketing


We’re now getting close to the end of 2022.  And since the holidays are just around the corner, this would also be an excellent time to discuss gifts.

We’ve all seen ads pop up from time to time as we scroll through our social media pages. I’ve watched them from an advisor's and a creator's perspective.  And my advice to you is to beware of ads bearing gifts.

I’m talking about ads that promise you’ll get appointments and leads through some easy, turnkey system. I'm not saying that none of these work. They probably do in a very small percentage. But if anyone claims that their system will work for everybody, then that’s simply not true.

In this episode, I talked about:

  • (04:37) Two things to consider before trying a program that’s being promoted in these ads
  • (09:49) The problem with being popular
  • (11:32) The only metric that matters
  • (14:28) What the Magellan Network Ambassador Program is all about
  • (15:22) What can you do to nurture your referral game?

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