How To Take a Transformational Sales Message to the Market

Talking to a sales leader this week she said;

"Our job is harder than other sales teams as we have to take a transformational message to new prospects."

While I empathised, is it really that harder?

I totally get if the only tools you have is to cold call and spam email your way, then you have a problem.

If you check out this blog, "We need to get higher in accounts, but how?" I explain (with data) how social selling allows you to sell higher, faster, than legacy sales methods. 

If you think about it, nobody is going to buy transformation from being cold called or spammed on email. 

Let's not forget, just because you say or want something to work, does not mean it works.

We know our buyer is now digital, they are on social media and you, as a leader, and your team, need to be empowered to have digital conversation in digital corridors. You need to be leaving "digital breadcrumbs" that your buyers will find and pick up.

By using digital, you can become the natural choice, if not the only choice for your buyers looking for transformation. 

Now Imagine .....

How about if I said, I can take you to a place where all your prospects hang out, would you go?

I can pick you up in the car tomorrow and you can hang out there, having conversations with them.

When you arrived, what would you do?

Grab a coffee and go up to the first one and start a conversation? Of course you would.

Or would you walk in and say "buy my stuff, because we are great". Of course you wouldn't, as somebody would call security.

That's the difference. Selling on social is ...... social. You have conversations with people.

You don't go up to people and pitch to them as people will call security.

The great thing about social is that there is no "prime selling time (PST)", you can have as many conversations as you want. One of my customers, does his prospecting between putting the kids to bed and when he goes to bed.

It's time to bring your demand generation into the second decade of the 21st century and it's time to "start fishing where the fish are" ...... on social. 

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