How To Force The LinkedIn Algorithm To Show Your Content

LinkedIn is a phenomenal way to get clients. But if you reach out in the wrong way, you’ll burn potential prospects forever, wasting countless hours of your time, money, and sanity.

That’s the bad news. The good news?

If you know how, It’s easy to generate clients on demand via LinkedIn. If you know how. Question is, how do you do it, especially after changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm? In this episode, I reveal exactly how to get your content in front of more people on LinkedIn. If you ever wanted to take notes from a podcast, then this is the one to do it. Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Bag a couple more clients by stealing these 20 free social media post ideas specifically tailored for financial advisors (1:11)
  • The simple way to earn more and work less by 10xing your lead generation efforts (2:00)
  • Worried about changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm? Here’s how to “position” yourself to stay front and center of your dream client (3:05)
  • Why thinking “Just post, post, post, get your content out there!” is an excellent way to never be seen (and get a client) from LinkedIn (4:55)
  • How to “pre-qualify” prospects on auto-pilot (and eliminate 95% of the manual grunt work you normally do on sales calls) (6:08)
  • The “amplification” strategy to consistently boost your posts in front of your target market on LinkedIn (9:30)
  • How to sneakily build trust, credibility, and rapport immediately after you’ve just done a LinkedIn Connection Campaign (10:29)
  • The scientifically proven way to boost the chances of your prospect seeing your next post by a whopping 85% (11:46)

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