How to Design an On-Boarding Process to Increase the Life of Your Client Relationships

You’ve heard it before…  you only get ONE chance to make a good first impression. And research shows that your new client’s experience in the first 100 days determines the longevity of their relationship with you!

Long story short: Your On-Boarding Process is CRITICAL.

What you do during this time frame really really really matters. You need to demonstrate your professionalism, your organization, your commitment to customer service, and set the tone for how they will engage with you and your team.

This sets the stage for what it will be like to work with your practice. Get this right… and you’ll have happy clients that turn into referral-generating machines.

In today’s episode we’re doing a dive deep into:

  • Why the first 100 days matter mostWhat is an on-boarding process?
  • How to systematize and delegate parts of this process
  • How to lay down the law of working with you (kindly)
  • How to surprise & delight your clients on any budget
  • Why every advisor isn’t doing thisThe onboarding process we used in my practice

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