How Financial Advisors Can Build Email Lists

You’ve heard me say before that email marketing is the #1 most effective appointment-setting strategy I’ve ever seen for financial advisors. 

But how do you build your email list in the first place? Without email subscribers, your email marketing campaigns will never succeed.  Well, here’s the good news:

In this episode, I reveal the simplest and most effective way you can grow your email list as a financial advisor. And you’ll also discover why you don’t need thousands of email subscribers to make money from email marketing.  Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • How an email list both magnetizes your ideal clients while also repelling your worst clients away (1:33) 
  • Why buying a list of emails interested in your financial services is the fastest way to sabotage your results from email marketing (3:29) 
  • How to use email to land 2 new clients a month (without writing a new email every day) (3:56) 
  • The almost-too-simple way to “ethically force” your ideal clients to join your email list and read your emails (5:36) 
  • How not investing in yourself and your business causes deep psychological damage to you that can put you out of business (7:14) 
  • How to generate 190 new email subscribers in a day (without breaking the bank) (9:30) 
  • The dirty “N-word” which helps you generate more revenue by having less subscribers on your email list (15:33)

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