How Financial Advisors Can Boost Credibility on Their Websites


I know that if you are an advisor and you're independent and you built a website and you are trying to establish yourself as being trustworthy, it can be really difficult to think about what's the best way to do that very quickly on your website so that someone who's considering working with you will feel just as comfortable as if you were backed by a big brand name in financial services that they're familiar with.

So I want to share one quick and easy tip that you can implement that can go a long way in building that credibility that you want very quickly when someone visits your website in just a few seconds. So here's what I suggest you do:

Anytime you are quoted in any large publication that people will have heard of whether it's CNBC or The Wall Street Journal, add the logo of where you've been featured to the homepage of your website. Have a little "as featured in" or "featured on" section and just have the logos right there so that people when they come to visit your home page, after they see your main message that states who you are, what you do, and who you serve, right underneath that they'll see "as featured on" and they can scroll down and see the names of those publications.

This really goes a long way in establishing credibility and expertise because even if somebody's never heard of you before or your firm, they'll recognize those national publications and start to build more credibility with your firm right? So it's something very easy you can add but can go a long way in helping someone to feel that you are just as credible and trustworthy as one of these other big name brands they've heard of.

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