How Can Financial Advisors Get More Quality Leads From Their Website?


A problem that many financial advisors face is going through the process of creating a website for their firm, but discovering that they are getting drastically less leads than they originally thought they would.

In today's video, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite covers the top three most important factors when it comes to generating more quality leads for your website.

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1. Have A Clearly Defined Niche

Okay, so let's start with the first one, the most important one, which you've probably heard people say this time time again. But really having a clearly defined niche or a group of people that you serve and having messaging right on your home page in the problem solution method for that group of people is the number one thing that is crucial for getting good quality prospects from your site. . .

So let's just look at a couple of examples here. Maybe you serve a particular group of people that work at Eli Lilly or Amazon or some certain company. Having information about how you help those people and what kinds of problems that they might come to your firm looking for help resolving is going to be crucial. This can apply even if it's not so specific. Right. Maybe you help people in a specific geographic area, or you help people who are in a certain phase of life, whatever it is, you want to clearly articulate the type of people that you serve so that you're going to attract the right quality prospects.

2. Have Two Strong Calls To Action

Okay. Number two, you want to have a really strong call to action. So the second most important thing is calls to action and not just one call to action, but actually two. So we have two different groups of people, right? 97% of website visitors who land on your site are not going to convert on that first visit. So that is a lot of people that could just visit your site and then leave, and you'll have no way of ever getting in touch with them again. So you want to have something, some sort of call to action for both the people who are ready to take the next step and book a meeting with you, as well as those who are not yet ready.

3. How Much Quality Traffic You Are Getting

Okay. And then the third thing that really is the third thing that impacts the number of quality prospects you get from your website is how much traffic you're actually getting to that site. So if you have a great website, but you're not getting that much traffic or you're getting the wrong kind of traffic, you're not going to get quality beats. So what I mean by this is maybe you can only serve people based in the US, yet all of your traffic is coming from overseas. That is not going to be a good thing. Or maybe you really only work with people in the AUM model. And you have a ton of blog posts and content that is attractive to more of the DIY or millennial investor who doesn't have a lot of assets to invest. And they're looking for a subscription based advisor to work with. Right. So they're the disconnect there. So there's a lot of things we can do to increase the quality of traffic. That's for another video, we'll link some resources below, but just know that you want to be directing the right kind of traffic to your website. If you're getting 300 visitors a month, which is the average that most financial advisory firms get, but only ten of those people are actually qualified to work with you. That means you're really only getting ten quality visitors. And so your conversion rate of maybe 1% on ten is a pretty abysmal versus 1% of 300. Right. So we want all of the traffic coming as much as possible to be high quality traffic. So doing things like setting up your site to be specific to the right group of people is really going to help take care of attracting the right traffic. Adding content every month that's specific to the group of people that you serve is also going to add more of the right traffic coming to your site.