How Advisors Can Take Their First Steps Onto Social Media

I was recently asked to help a lawyer's take their first tentative steps onto social so I thought I would share with you, the advice I gave them.

If you look at professional services firms on social media, such as LinkedIn then you will see they are very much behind the curve and missing out on significant opportunities.

The objections you will often hear from professional services for not being on social

1. Our business has always been about relationships and we know all of our clients - In the past this was the case, let's not forget that a Millennial is now 30 years old. These people are making decisions and you are missing out on this business.

2. We are regulated. This is often used by people that don't understand social media, having had to research a number of professional services company as examples to show as part of our work. There are plenty of companies using social media and regulation should not impact you, in fact it works better for you.

3. We don't have the time. We know know that our clients are on social and you need to be visible for them. If you don't have time for social media, then that's saying you don't have time for business development. 

According to LinkedIn (27th July 2021) there are now 744 million people on the platform, link here.

So what "baby steps" can you take to get on social?

1. If you are starting out, read what other people are posting about.

2. If you see a post from a client that you think resonates, reshare it. Importantly write your own narrative, about you your are re-sharing and why you think the article is good.

3. Join some LinkedIn groups, start conversations and join in conversations in those groups. 

4. Authentic – be your authentic self – Your unique is YOUR experience

And some overall advice

Relax - Think “what would I do at a networking event?”

Find areas of commonality on the clients profile

Send a connection request, for example.

“Sally, I see that we both have an interest in diversity, it would be great to connect and learn more”

Yes it’s OK to send connection requests to people you have not met

Don’t sell!

There are a number of professional services companies taking advantage of all of the benefits social can bring to you. Why not take those baby steps. 

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