Elevating Your Credibility and Influence Through Publishing a Book

Have you ever considered using a book to elevate your credibility and influence? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Paul McManus — founder of More Clients More Fun LLC, MCMF Publishing, and host of the Million Dollar Producer Show podcast. They explore why having your own book allows you to present yourself as the go-to expert. Writing a book doesn’t have to be daunting. Paul overcomes the biggest challenges advisors face, such as imposter syndrome and feeling overwhelmed by the writing process.

Matt and Paul discuss:

  • How a book establishes credibility and helps you stand out from the competition
  • Paul’s Short Book Formula that can guide you in producing your book in as little as six weeks
  • How to use tactics like a coordinated social media campaign and an Amazon launch to generate momentum and potential bestseller status
  • How to leverage the book as an opportunity to re-engage past clients and ask for their support (reviews, referrals, etc)
  • Why a book is like your skeleton key to getting invited to be a podcast guest
  • And more

The two things that tend to be able to create this effect most consistently for financial advisors is number one, being an author and having your own book. And number two, it’s having a podcast. And when you marry those things together, it’s a magical system.” ~Paul McManus

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