Differentiate Your Firm with Short Film Bios

I’ve been working with advisors for a couple of decades. I’ve helped dozens of advisors leave big institutions and break out as independents. I’ve read hundreds of advisor bios. Most of them are not good. I’m not being a hard-ass, I can say this because it’s true. Most written bios are ineffective because they aren’t compelling, don’t create any differentiation, and fail to tell a comprehensive story about the advisor. Ask your clients why they chose you. Unless you’ve hired a talented writer and crafted something really special, it wasn’t because of what you presented in your bio.

As an independent financial advisor, somewhere between 90-95% of your web traffic is to your bio page. If a visitor bounces after reading your bio, all the rest of your web content is wasted on them. So, make your bio count.

Sure, professional experience matters and there are other boxes that need to be checked—relevant certifications, previous roles, etc. but, everyone knows what prospective clients seek: Trust.

There are many ways to begin a trusting relationship. I suggest starting with the truth. You can hire a talented copy writer to draft a compelling story about yourself. That’s a great start. Or, you can also leverage the power of video.

Real quick, let’s go back to why your clients chose you. Even if your written bio is tip-top, chances are your clients chose you because when they met you, they liked you. Then, if you’ve done your job right, trust has grown between your client and you and they probably even enjoy your interactions. The clients that stick around and might even become friends are ‘ideal’ clients (more about this in a future article!).

So, how do you attract your next batch of ideal clients?

How do you get more prospective clients to the point of meeting you?

The best way to allow someone to get to know you is via a bio video. There are many degrees of video quality, so, to be clear, I’m not talking about a ‘talking head’ video. I’m referring to creating a video that moves the viewer. One that motivates them to contact you. One that communicates your qualities and characteristics and connects on a level of values. I’m talking about a bio video that tells your truth.

When done well, a good video bio is a powerful tool for growing your business over the long-term.

I know this because I have created a tool for advisors called Short Film Bios™.  And, they work. Short Film Bios are the best new way to begin a relationship with a prospective client before they agree to meet you. By presenting personality and values along with an authentic, true narrative, people can get a sense of who you are, what you care about and what to expect when they interact with you. Again, these are not ‘talking head’ videos and—BONUS—they aren’t making claims so there aren’t compliance hurdles to clear.

Short Film Bios are cinema-quality, documentary-style, short-form films produced, directed, shot and edited by pros. I've been telling brand stories and producing high-quality film and video for more than 25 years. Short Film Bios represent a business application for the traditional bio that truly leverages the power of powerful storytelling and high-quality film to get initial relationships further down a path to engagement.

As I mentioned, they work. The first two I produced for the partners of a Bay Area firm attracted (and landed) an 8-figure client. And the second advisory that hired us added $100,000,000 in new business in just 10 months following posting the two Short Film Bios to their web site. Both firms attributed the quality of the new client engagement to having Short Film Bios on their home pages. So, yes, they work.

Your web presence matters but it doesn’t need to have pages and pages of services and process outlines. Start simple and make your bio the cornerstone of your site. Tell your story in a compelling, true way. You will connect with clients who share your values and you will move the needle.

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