Delivering the Complete Ecosystem to Serve Your Clients


Recorded at the Envestnet Advisors Summit 2022.  Presented by:

Advisorpedia Interviewed Molly Weiss, Head of Product at Envestnet, at the Envestnet Advisor Summit in May, 2022.

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One of the trends that we've seen lately is advisors using the proposal generator as a way to bring together a lot of different portfolio solutions for their clients. So rather than just traditional investments, they're also incorporating things like annuities. We have impact investing as as a part of the proposal process as well. So we're really seeing the proposal generator as a way to kind of bring together the overall investment ecosystem. . .


I really think about the proposal as being kind of the heart of the investment platform or investment technology, because it really is the way to get a client implemented on the platform. And that could be for advisors who are managing their own models, or for advisors who are looking to connect to third party managers, our insurance or annuity offering.

And then also we have tax overlay as a part of the proposal generation process, and sustainability. So advisors can really customize the overall portfolio instead of solutions for their clients. I think advisors are looking for ways to scale their practices.

And so they're not necessarily always wanting to do all of their portfolio management on their own. And they're looking for outsource things like UMA, or other managed components to bring to their clients.

We're really seeing the connectedness of the investment ecosystem, being a trend for Tamarack. And then also we're really working to enhance the advisors user experience, and also the client user experience as well.

One of the most important things that I hope advisors take from the summit is is really that the investment ecosystem has everything that they might need to serve their client. And I think that they can really take different components of the investment ecosystem and kind of bring them together, or they can take the entire investment platform. And I think that that's something that advisors are really starting to recognize as we bring together all of the different integration partners and solutions that we have at the summit today.