Attracting Leads With Video Prospecting

Written by: Samantha Russell

Financial advisors are constantly evolving within their industry and how they do business. At first, it was making cold calls and hoping you could convince someone to give you a chance. Now it’s different, it’s about connecting and keeping clients engaged. Nothing is as simple as making a single call and landing that client. Nowadays it’s about using every online resource available to financial advisors and casting out a focused, but multi-channel net of communication.

In this case, we’ll be talking about using video prospecting to attract leads. This means taking advantage of video content to entice viewers to visit sites, share their contact and more. Many financial advisors tend to sleep on the impact that video content can have. We’re here to show you how video can attract leads and help grow your business.

The Video Starting Line

The first step is very simple, create a video. Video topics can range from “How to Invest Your Money” to “Celebrating the Holidays with Clients.” In fact, there are so many potential video ideas and topics, it’ll be hard to run out of ideas. As a result, many financial advisors have videos with similar topics so it’s important to make yours stand out. This can be done by using creative titles, enticing thumbnails and video tags.

Video prospecting is about quality, not quantity. Squeezing out video after video isn’t very impactful or useful if each video gets five views. Without a doubt, creating quality video content is the best way to successfully attract leads with video prospecting. Find a topic that not only interests your targeted clientele but also you as an advisor. If you’re bored with what you’re working on, it’ll show on the final product.

Motivate Your Viewers

Using videos as a means of attracting leads is much akin to motivating clients to take action. For example, when a viewer is watching your video content what is your secondary goal? Meaning besides having them view your video what action do you want them to take? This could be anything from visiting your website to signing up for a newsletter.

The challenge comes when you’re figuring out the best way to do this. You have to find the right motivation for your target audience that’ll make them want to go to a website or share their contact information. This usually means providing them with an incentive that pushes them towards a certain action, this could a free quote, an extensive eBook and much more. How you choose to convince them is completely up to you, just be sure that it fits your audience to ensure its effectiveness.

What Can Motivate Viewers to Take Action

As previously mentioned, there is a plethora of ways to get viewers to make a move. When it comes to video, the options are pretty wide and varied. Advisors can choose to advertise their website, offer a newsletter or eBook for contact information, and even offer free quotes or meetings. It all depends on what you’re willing to offer, it’s even better if the offers are relevant to the video topic.

Video hosting sites like YouTube also offer a variety of different tools that can be used to attract leads through video. Video cards allow creators to add interactive clickables that can be used to engage with the viewer. Or an end screen that shows at the conclusion of a video. The description of a video can also be used to inform viewers of websites, offers, deals and services you provide as a financial advisor.

Correctly Using Video Tools to Motivate

Technology has allowed financial advisors to engage with their viewers. There’s a plethora of different tools that allow creators to add to their videos and make engagement easier. For this section, we’ll be going over some of those tools and how they make connecting with and attracting leads easier and more effective.

Video Cards

To start with, video cards are interactive clickables found on video hosting sites that allow creators to add links throughout the video. In the case of YouTube, creators can add 5 different cards. With these cards, financial advisors can:

  • Promote other related videos
  • Link out to external sites
  • Link to an advisor website
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • And much more

Even better, the more you work with cards the more creative you can get with them. Video cards are a great way to increase engagement and take advantage of video prospecting to attract leads and convert clients.

End Screens

Next, end screens are 5-20 second clips at the end of a video.  Use them to promote your other videos or as a CTA for your newsletter, eBook or website. Much like video cards, end screens are best used for advertising your other content and linking viewers to visit your other content. If you need help setting up an end screen, check out this Google Tutorial.


Lastly, descriptions are used to explain things to viewers, usually pertaining to the video. But they go beyond just highlighting the video’s content. Like video cards and end screens, the video description is a wonderful place to link to your other content. This can include:

  • Website links
  • Links to resources mentioned in the video
  • Social media handles
  • CTAs to sign up for emails or newsletters
  • Quote meeting setups

Descriptions are the meatier of the three, allowing you to type out paragraphs if you truly want to. It’s a great place to add explanations you might not have fit into the original video. Don’t be scared to type out a few solid sentences there to really get your point across.

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