You & Money Can Change the World

Do you have a push-pull relationship with money? Many of us do. We say we want more of it, yet at the same time, it feels dirty or wrong to want it. Because surely if we have more money than we need, that somehow makes us one of those evil, greedy, rich people. Whether we like it or not, money IS a source of power in our world. Yes, undoubtedly there are people who use that power to exalt themselves and oppress others.

However, if the kind, loving, creative people of the world shun money, we're handing our freedom and power over to the cruel and selfish ones in our society.

If you (one of the kind, loving, creative people, obviously) have more financial resources, you not only take better care of yourself and your family but also, you'll have increased opportunity to support socially conscious companies and charities. Just think of all the positive changes that people like Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah, and Ellen DeGeneres have made with their fortunes. Money is power, and you can choose to wield it as an instrument of positive change.

Let's say that you are passionate about climate change and being a responsible citizen of our beautiful planet Earth (which we all should be, in my opinion!). You want to drive an electric car. You would love to only wear clothing that is responsibly produced and made of organic or recycled materials. You have a passion for helping others and want to give money to charities that rescue animals, help the poor, and provide medical care for people in third-world countries.

However, if you can barely afford your own rent, car payment, and groceries, you can't do any of those things. Your car is a gas guzzler that expels noxious fumes as it chugs down the road in fits and starts. You can only afford to shop for clothes at the local big-box store, knowing that their clothing is not produced in a socially or environmentally responsible manner. You feel like a hypocrite, yet your lack of money is dictating your current choices.

Becoming financially successful in your business and personal life gives you more power to do more good in the world. You can patronize businesses that have excellent products plus a mission that resonates with you. You can support artists by buying their music, going to their plays, and purchasing their paintings. You have the opportunity to give from your abundance to the homeless man begging on the corner or the hungry child halfway around the world. However, it's hard to do any of this if YOU are not financially healthy.

Find a financially successful role model who is generous and using their financial resources to make the world a better place. This could be someone you know personally or a celebrity. What is it specifically about this person that you admire?

Which socially or environmentally responsible companies, artists, and charities would you like to patronize on a regular basis? This is something I discuss with all of my coaching clients. Yes, of course, they want to have less debt, more savings, and nicer things. But they also want to positively change the world with some of their money!

How will you and money make the world a better place?

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