Women Look for ‘Good’ Rather Than ‘Smart’

We’d all like to think we are smart and indeed many, or we could even say most, financial advisors are smart.

After all it takes a fair level of ‘smarts’ to be able to understand the complexities of the financial world, go about the business of acquiring clients and then invest their money profitably for them.

However, touting you are a smart advisor isn’t enough for some. Women are a case in point. For them, it is arguably more important to be a good advisor than ‘just’ a smart one – but what does it mean to be a good advisor?

Smart Good Optimal

Presenting yourself as the smartest person in the room is more likely to alienate rather than endear yourself to women:

a. they expect you to be smart; b. they will see you as arrogant.

Ah, but come across as a person who is decent and respectable – one who cares about their clients, who always does the right thing – even when it costs money, who thinks doing right by the client is more important than making money, who believes in giving back – that’s the good advisor she wants.

So, if you had to talk about yourself as a “good person” rather than as a “smart” advisor, what would you say?

One caveat: you must be genuine in this – women can spot fakes a mile off – so beware of faking your “goodness” – because you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot and that is not smart!

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