Who We Trust Matters So Much Right Now

Beyond Information Wars

In an era of information wars, truth becomes weaponized. That’s why who we trust matters so much right now.

The floodgates of “news,” data and opinions blur the line between fact and fiction, making it challenging to discern truth from manipulation.

And it is also a matter of what we give our attention to and where we invest our energy: fighting or creating understanding and connection.

When we give our attention to heartfelt conversations, we act both generously and with energy. We gain not just a chance to share but to listen as well. More listening is what we need, as it fosters connection.

Feeling heard opens us up, whereas feeling ignored causes us to shut down. Consider the energy in the meetings you attend. Does it flow, or does it control? Are questions abundant, or are you being talked at?

Questioning deeply and listening open up fields of possibilities. Because the information wars will just accelerate on what is fake and what is real. But what is possible asks for dialogue.

In the shared experience, between spoken words, messages emerge. In the gaps, the pauses, and silences, we find meaning when we refrain from rushing to prove a point or to show how smart or right we are.

There is natural flow outside of information wars where we give our attention to what matters; not agendas.

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