This Is What an Expert Really Is

The “Expert” narrative has always been consistent in one respect.

“Experts” are defined by their academic accomplishments and are rank ordered by the number of initials after their name and the Institution where they earned their academic pedigree.

“An expert is commonly defined as someone with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge in a particular area not possessed by most people.”

An “Expert” knows what they are talking about.

An “Expert” has published a number of papers on a given topic.

An “Expert” studied a discipline for 10 years.

Missing in Action when it comes to giving “Expert” accolades and status are the plethora of leaders, managers, frontline people, marketing analysts and sales warriors who have actually ACHIEVED something massive that benefits others.

These are the MBA’s that I want to see equall the intellectuals as “Experts”.

These people hold a Masters in Business Achievement degree.

Consistently stratospheric levels of performance “get no respect” from the gunslingers who are given the currency to decide who is an expert and who is not (probably because they have a PhD from Harvard and have never grown a startup business to A BILLION IN SALES!) Oops, sorry :(

It’s time to disrupt the common notion of what an expert is.

It’s time to bestow “Expert” status on:

  • The Small Business owner and Leader who has grown their business to breathtaking levels year after year after year.
  • The Customer service rep who has achieved the highest results in creating dazzling service experiences for their customers.
  • The Sales professional who has an unmatched repertoire of what their clients CRAVE which allows them to charge premium prices in the market with virtually no competitors.
  • The Marketing analyst who comes up with innovative value packages for their customers that command market attention and blow the competition away.
  • The Receptionist who, because of their innate ability to show empathy and CARE for other people creates sensational and unforgettable “First Impressions” with people who decide at THAT moment to give their business to the Receptionist.
  • The Internal Audit analyst who moderates control with common sense and strategic purpose to enable customers to do business with their organization not disable them and drive them to frustration.
  • The Carpenter who practices their craft with the utmost concern for quality and who takes pride in a project they’ve completed that leaves their customer speechless.
  • The Engineer who has not only created a technical masterpiece, but also a solution to a customer problem that no one else has delivered.
  • Any Employee who consistently serves their teammates in an exemplary manner.

THESE people deserve the “Expert” label because their achievements make a difference and lead to miraculous levels of performance that benefits all those around them.

“And the Award goes to….”

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