The Number One Differentiator Between the Success and Failure of Your Firm

Let’s get real — every firm on LinkedIn is here for one reason. Finding great people. That’s it. Obvious right? Because people are the lifeblood of your firm, your success. How will your firm win? #Innovation? Check. #Execution? Yup. #Boldness? Definitely. But the real key to success isn’t those buzzwords. It’s your people and the culture your leadership builds. Bottom line? You can’t build culture without #character. You can’t inspire people without #leaders. You can’t innovate without #innovators.

Yet, does the practice of finding innovators (characters, leaders) itself need some innovation? It does. We talk a great game but ultimately, are we stuck using approaches that are dysfunctional, that don’t lead to results that make a difference? Like so many areas of the enterprise, does #recruiting stand out as an area that could use some transformation?

It's the number one differentiator between the success and failure of your firm. Great people. It is! 

And yet, and yet, ghosting from recruiters is common. And the company applicant tracking system? A black hole. #Ouch. So, there’s good news and bad news.

The Good news?

Great talent is out there. It’s everywhere in fact, just waiting to be recognized, discovered, wooed. Like “Hey! I’m right here! Let’s talk!” It’s easily discovered through thoughtful engagement and meaningful conversation. The bad news? Having gone through the last three years, they have much deeper insight into who you are as a firm. They’re more discerning. They’re looking like for like. The shoe’s a little bit on the other foot. They’re seeking authenticity. They’re looking to be wooed, cared about.

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