The Laws That Govern Money Energy

What Role Does Money Play in Your Life?

For some, money is a never-ending topic for discussion, for others it creates fear or triggers stress.

Perhaps it motivates you, maybe you see it as a catalyst to take action, a necessity to satisfy your needs and wants, the contributing factor of long-term retirement planning, or it’s how you define success. All are good reasons why money becomes central to our lives, but there is one singular question: How can we create more of it?

Behavior and Energy are Tied Together

You may recall a bit about the science of DNA from your biology or chemistry class. It's the building block of genetic information for the development and functioning of every organism, and it's directly connected to how humans behave.

Each DNA molecule is made up of two strands resembling a twisted ladder in a double helix like the one we use in our logo. Figuratively, your ability to generate money is tethered to your DNA, bound together by a behavior strand and an energy strand. The two strands are interconnected and, symbolically speaking, with every behavior, there is corresponding stored energy. We've found that there are over 4,000 predictable behavior and money insights that can help you strengthen your relationship with money and release that energy and the opportunities that come along with it.

So How Can You Generate More Money?

Tapping into your ability to generate money depends on your understanding of how behavior creates Money Energy, the number of potential opportunities that you uncover, and your ability to transform your relationship with money. Believe it or not, there’s a Money Energy formula to help make sense of it all. If you would like to learn more and read what defines the equation, I encourage you to download the white paper before reading on.

To harness its power, you need to follow the rules that create it. Just like there are basic laws of physics, there are 40 basic laws of Money Energy. If you were to learn and practice these laws, you can amplify the flow of Money Energy in your life.

A Healthy Relationship with Money is Key

The amplification of Money Energy requires integrating all your life energies, which includes having a healthy relationship with money. Think of it as one of four batteries (the other three would be your nutrition, physical and mental energies). And just like a battery, it drains as it is being used. The more you are attuned to your natural DNA behavioral style and the more opportunities you reveal, the easier it will be to increase, maintain, and re-charge your Money Energy battery simultaneously with your other three personal life batteries.

The 40 Laws of Money Energy

Every week, we’ll uncover and examine each of the 40 laws. Along the way we’ll share case studies about real people with real Money Energy challenges and how the law under examination applies to the given scenario. You will also find a brief description of each of these laws in the Money Energy White Paper mentioned above.

Follow as many of the laws as you can and decide what your relationship with money means to you. In turn, these decisions and the actions you take will help build positive Money Energy potential for the longevity and quality of your future life. The good news is, your Money Energy battery has infinite capacity, but it requires you to embrace the Laws of Money Energy to experience a quantum leap in potential.

Stay tuned!

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