The Difference Between Social Selling 2015 vs Social Selling 2020

I see a lot of people who think they are social selling but they unfortunately are not. Often this is because they went on or course in 2015 or it could be because they are getting bad advice. This blog is about setting the record straight.

Your LinkedIn summary title

I still see people with “Passionate about …” or “Marketing manager, transforming the future…” sorry but this isn’t what LinkedIn is all about. This is what you do! LinkedIn is about being different, your LinkedIn profile should get people to want to meet you! Your summary title is the most visible line about you on the internet. We hate people selling to us, so why do you immediately be salesy?

Content about Your Company

I’m really sorry but, we don’t care! We want to understand about you, your opinion, your insight. If we are going to have a meeting, the first thing I’m going to do is check you out on Social. If all you post is corporate content, then what assumption will I make? You are a corporate robot with none of your own thoughts. I would probably even cancel the meeting.

The Photo with a beer in you hand or a glass of wine in your hand.

I know alcohol is important to you, I’m guessing you are actually a drunk. A simple professional photo, so if I’m going to meet you at a networking event is what you need.

Profile Lurking

Looking at my profile hoping I will go back to you, at which point you pounce on me and try and sell me something.

Your profile looks like you are a spammer, so sorry not fooling for that.

You need to engage. Comment on my posts, share my posts, share articles I will find interesting. Be useful, be helpful, but at least get off your backside and engage. There is a story that does the rounds that the national intelligence agency of Israel, Mossad, when they Google somebody, they expect there to be 21 different data points, otherwise the person doesn’t exist.  I would expect there to be at least 21 different details on Linkedin.  Anybody with less than 300 connections, surely cannot exist. 

The Linkedin Post of the Power Point slide!

I know you had a great time at a conference, but that desperately dull photo of a desperately dull power point makes you look …. desperately dull. And you look desperately dull in front of 650 million people!

The Dull Event

I know you have been to a company event and I know they pay your mortgage, but everybody goes to event. The post did prove that you messaging is the same as everybody else’s. Just read “Had a fantastic day on Tuesday at the VMware believe you can do IT event ..” Really? I don’t believe you. As a buyer, I’m looking for a person who can help me, give me insight, not somebody who is “excited” by corporate events, it makes you look like a corporate robot!


I know you think that a video a day is a great challenge but I was expecting some insight, not a list of what you did today. Video is a great medium but like all content I want you to tell me something I don’t know.

Social Selling is a Private Matter

A friend of mine always says “if somebody isn’t on social media, what are they trying to hide”.  With 7.734 Billion people in the world, 4.479 Billion people on the internet and 3.725 Billion people active on social media, you are making yourself look a little strange by not being on social media.


Question:  How can you tell a fake influencer? Answer:  They are telling you they are an influencer. I always explain that influence is like being the Queen of England, she never has to introduce herself as everybody knows who she is.  I’m sorry if we don’t know who you are, you are not an influencer regardless on how much you tell me. I read recently about somebody in Germany, who wrote a letter to Linkedin to tell Linkedin they were an influencer.  Really?  Influence is something you earn.


I’m sorry, but you cannot be an expert.  It is your audience that makes that judgement.  I read an article recently where the “influencer” told me “so I’m definitely an expert on that.”  It’s not for you to decide that you are an expert, just the same that you cannot decide if you are funny or good looking.  Only we can decide that.  Related: How Companies Going Through Digital Transformation Can Garner Trust