The Best Marketing Jobs for Recent College Graduates to Pursue

The marketing industry is an exciting and essential function that drives an organization's overall revenue, reputation, and success. If you are looking to join the marketing field as a recent college graduate, there are many avenues available as you look to build and start your overall career path. As you start deciding the first step of your journey, experience is a critical item to target. Here are five of the best jobs to help you gain marketing experience after leaving college.

Marketing Assistant or Intern

A marketing assistant will serve many basic administrative tasks to help drive the overall marketing function and offload work from more experienced team members. Some people may see this role as grunt work, but most entry-level positions are this way. The advantage is that you will have an opportunity to see how the marketing operation works across all areas.

A decision to join the marketing industry usually results in attending college versus working right out of high school as an assistant. Attending college is an expensive decision, but many student loan refinance options are available to help you offset the cost of education. A college degree can provide a positive personal return on investment with the potential advancement opportunities from the marketing assistant role.

Communications Coordinator or Assistant

Marketing is all about communications, including press releases, marketing campaigns, website customer-facing content, and many other areas. This role will entail proofreading or creating original content. This experience would include product releases, handling negative customer feedback, or discussing organizational changes with investors in mind.

There are different layers of approval for any communication that is released, and you will be able to be part of the experience. Other communication mediums can include emails, text messaging, and blogs. Messaging is critical for an organization to build trust with customers for new sales and repeat business in the future.

Social Media Content Specialist

The social media content specialist role is an extension of the communications coordinator role. Social media is a predominant vehicle to interact with customers. Once an organization releases social media communication across one or more platforms, it can make or break a company based on the public's reaction. A social media specialist will track comments, respond accordingly, and help develop a strategy for future posts.

The social media specialist role will always be critical for the organization. Poor communication will lead to lost business, so a specialist creating professional and non-confrontational text will help position organizations for success. The skillset for the role also includes patience and the ability to diffuse a difficult situation.

Website Coordinator

A website is an essential tool in the organization's overall communication toolbox. Digital content is crucial to attract interest and show all company product offerings for prospective customers visiting the website. The social media campaigns can target prospective customers and provide specific links to videos on the organization's website.

Sales Coordinator

Sales and marketing go together for many organizations as both departments focus on driving revenue for the company. The marketing department's campaign is to provide print and digital advertising to promote the organization's products. The sales department utilizes these advertising campaigns and interacts directly with the customers to close the deal.

A marketing employee who has spent time working with the sales team will have a broader perspective on organizational success. If the sales and marketing team are in step with each other, they tell the same message to customers, and sales will increase. If they tell different stories, prospective customers are confused and take their business elsewhere.

There are many paths to follow with starting a marketing career, but ultimately the primary goal, in the beginning, is to get experience wherever possible. As with other customer-facing roles, a marketing professional is at the center of revenue generation and strategic planning. This experience, coupled with extensive training from a college degree, will position marketing professionals to grow and succeed.

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