Swing Into Your Best September Leadership

It’s that time of year again for leaders to rise up and declare their true intentions for the unofficial start of the new year. Here in the United States schools are reopening and excited screams are echoing throughout many communities. Students of all ages bring their fresh eyes to a new school year, filled with hopes and dreams. With backpacks filled to the rim with books and notebooks and writing utensils of all types, 2023-24 is in session. I feel the energy of the promises for this coming year. What about all the leaders out there? Are you too ready to make this a September to remember?

I have a saying that each year stands on its own for leaders. What happened last year does not need to dictate how you will lead in the coming year. September is the gift we are granted to end the final quarter of 2023 how we choose. Yes, leaders get to decide the twists and turns of the last stretch of the year. No one but you has your insights and deep thoughts.

How will you swing into your best September leadership?

1. Clarify Your Leadership Vision

Where is your leadership headed for September? Take stock in how you have led for the past nine months and take a stab at writing out your leadership purpose. In one sentence, how would you describe your professional leadership mission? What have you been focusing on? Are these areas still important to embrace? What weren’t you able to include in your leadership that maybe you want to incorporate now?

2. Honor Your Core Values

When leaders align their values with their work and professional worlds, they will be more fulfilled. So here are some ways to drill down what matters most to you and your leadership:

  • Identify what parts of your job or career that truly excite you. Think of the kind of assignments and projects that got your juices flowing. Then ask yourself, what values you were honoring in those moments. For example, maybe you value collaborating with colleagues and in a particular project you were able to brainstorm a great deal and create an inspiring deliverable.

  • Similarly, reflect on the parts of your career that may have felt tedious or even exhausted you. What values were you not honoring in those situations?

3. List Your Top Moves

To swing into your best September leaders have the opportunity to choose the actions and behaviors that will help them end the year with a bang. Deciding on what new assignments would increase their experiences and knowledge in an area may be important to some. Others may elect to delve deeper into a research item. While some leaders may want to grow their self-awareness or leadership skills. There is no one right or wrong move as long as it matters to you. Partnering with a coach can be helpful in making those choices through their powerful questions and coaching tools.

4. Update Your Trusted Advisory Council

Without a support network of people who know us best and want us to succeed, it can be difficult for a leader to land with impact. Leaders need to keep in mind that sometimes they need to reconfigure their council due to changes in jobs or career areas. Doing the ask is part of being a strong leader. So don’t let your fears stop you from selecting an advisor. Here are some possible places to find one:

  • A previous or current boss can be a wealth of information in your field of interest.
  • A colleague in another department who is approachable and has gotten to know your strengths and blind spots.
  • Don’t rule out a friend or family member who has your back at all times. Just make sure they can be impartial.
  • Perhaps a teacher or professor who has made an impression on you along the way.

5. Share Your Story

If you want to reach people and have them connect with your leadership, become a storyteller. There’s no better way to communicate your leadership vision and brand than through the emotions of a story. The story you share must convey who you are as a leader and what matters most to you. Have fun sharing your mistakes and lessons learned from a flubbed team interaction or a project that tripped you up. When leaders are authentic they become profound storytellers who captivate the imaginations of everyone they meet.

How will you swing into your best September leadership?

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