A New Game Plan on the Road to AUM

New Year – New Game Plan

Facing the new year wondering what is the best road to AUM? Experiencing stagnant growth or positioning challenges? Is the team out of sync? Have a new product, a new channel or an expanded team needing a game plan?

This time of year, we all take time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the previous year. Sometimes we even make new year resolutions. Which ones tend to actually stick? Those guided by a highly structured, integrated game plan.

The Noble Ark Ventures Curriculum Series is that game plan for positioning the firm in the new year, building presence and growing AUM. The series provides:

  • A turnkey, interactive framework for maximizing firm infrastructure, offerings, marketing and sales.
  • Critical insight for firms of all sizes direct from market participants who are making allocation decisions.
  • Structured exercises designed around fundamental best practices to gain team clarity, focus and efficiency in product development, marketing and sales.
  • The series can be facilitated by the firm itself, or with the assistance of a facilitator trained to engage the organization across a series of 12 core elements of business development in the institutional investment management market. The series is based on the extensive interviews, content and commentary provided in The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing and Sales authored by Sandra Powers Murphy.

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    Millions of dollars are spent annually on marketing efforts and sales plans that are ineffective. The Noble Ark Ventures Curriculum Series is designed to affirm the 12 core elements of business development, marketing and sales that are critical to long term success. The series engages the team, affirms core principles and values, and defines clear content and process improvements to put the firm’s best foot forward consistently in the market. Stop wasting time. Get on the right road to AUM .

    Visit www.noblearkventures.com for a complete review of the series, pricing information and to get started today.

    “The market is crowded. There are excellent solutions, established managers and competing interests for time and attention everywhere you look. Managers often focus too much attention on performance, failing to see the bigger picture of what is driving markets and decisions. This curriculum series, when fully implemented and embraced by the team, is a game changer.”