Leading Home Security Trends To Consider in 2023

Written by: Peter Minkoff

There is nothing more important than the comfort and the safety of our homes. With many people buying or renting homes, it is important to stay up to date with the latest home security trends. Gone are the days of old hardwired systems which mainly used basic sensors and alarms. Burglars and thieves are adept at learning new techniques to overcome these defenses, making these old security systems obsolete. What makes these outdated security measures potentially dangerous is the false sense of security that they provide, making homeowners keep their guard down. Luckily, the technology has advanced and there are now new systems in place which make your homes not only safer but also smarter. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your family home safe in 2023.

Leveraging Internet of Things devices

One of the most interesting emerging trends revolves around the use of Internet of Things technology. These systems integrate a plethora of electronical devices together into one unified network. This is not the same as having your computers share the same internet access, no, this means that even some of the most basic devices in your household can now be connected; such as your clocks, alarms, HVAC systems, thermometers, cameras etc. This means that each of these devices is now potentially smart, as it is able to gather and monitor data. This can help you save a lot of money on your power bills, optimize your daily routine but most important of all, this can help you keep your home safe. The latest push in IoT technology also revolves around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make these systems handle repetitive tasks, security assessment and maintenance.

Harnessing the power of data

One of the most important driving principles behind modern security is not so much the raw stopping power of security systems but rather the preventative aspect of security. Modern security tech uses predictive data analytics acquired from CCTV cameras, which now not only record but also count people, use facial recognition, track license plates and monitor any potential hazardous events. With such data it is possible to block of certain parts of a household, notify authorities and trigger alarms. This is not used just to fend of intruders, but to also detect any potential hazards such as gas leaks, household fires, or water flooding.

Fully customized locking systems

Modern technology has not only given rise to electronical devices but also to machinery and tools used to develop and deploy locking systems. Modern homes no longer have to use multiple locks just to keep your door safe, instead it is possible to integrate comprehensive locking systems which are embedded in the entire frame of the door. If you are looking to fortify your current home or are switching places you might want to consider hiring expert locksmiths who specialize in the latest home locking systems. This will make your doors impenetrable and tamper-proof.

Mobile App Control

People would often go on vacations and take time away from their homes with a mild dose of reluctance and worry. This anxiety was instantiated in the fact that people would have little control over what happens to their home when they are gone. Luckily, that has changed, and homeowners are now able to have 24/7 total control of their households through the use of intuitive mobile apps. You can now setup biometrics to keep your homes safe all on one single mobile device.

Cloud-based solutions

Modern home security also means that your data is kept secured. Most of our valuable possessions are contained as digital data, whether those are passwords, pictures, credit card details, pins or our work. We have to keep those safe too, and the best way to do that nowadays includes using cloud-based storage options. It is no longer necessary to have a safe at your home, or keep cabinets full of files and documents. All of your most valuable data can be permanently backed up behind a fingerprint, pin or a password online. Not only will you not have to get to your home each time you seek these files, but you will be able to travel carefree and access them wherever you are.

Network security

In order to keep all of these home devices protected you also have to consider your home network security. Home wireless networks are not impenetrable, that is why you have to leverage the latest encryption protocols, use secure passwords and invest in VPN solutions.

Whether you are trying to keep your home safe from fires or burglars, modern home security tech will help you lead a more carefree everyday life. Monitor, track, record, automate all on-the-go using the latest home security integrations.

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