How to Solve Your Divorce Puzzle With Forensic Accounting

Between the miles of paperwork and the dividing of assets, the divorce process can quickly become complicated and confusing. That’s where professionals like Irina Anissimova can come in to help you solve your divorce puzzle. Today, Irina joins Esther Szabo to detail what forensic accounting is and how women going through or considering a divorce can benefit from this type of expertise. In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • What forensic accountants look at during the divorce process
  • Why women in particular need to become more educated about divorce
  • Where professionals like Irina come in during the process
  • Why Irina recommends that women seek the help of an attorney over representing themselves
  • And more!
Join Esther and Irina now to learn about the field of forensic accounting and what it can do for you! Related: How a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Can Work for You