How the Health Industry is Being Affected by COVID-19

As the majority of the world is being impacted by the infamous COVID-19 there’s been a lot of reports of different sectors being impacted in different ways. The health sector is likely the most interesting sector to analyse, as you can imagine sales for health products are seeing a spike in orders but will it continue?

Health & Lifestyle

While probiotic supplements and daily intakes are currently in high demand with most people sitting at home, other healthy lifestyle sectors such as gyms, health clubs and spas have had to close their doors in order to encourage social distancing. So while websites offering health products are currently improving from the Corona Virus with customers being more aware of current dangers and wanting to boost their immune systems, the health sector as a whole isn’t reaping the rewards.

Some stores are staying open though, while still encouraging social distancing, Boots (UK) offer a complete variety of products but are staying open so the customer can buy their essential health products. The majority staying open are also Pharmacies which is currently an essential service to keep running. People aren’t being encouraged to shop at Boots and similar stores, it’s one of the places that will help keep the economy running during this uncertain time.


With the influx of people buying surgical masks, gloves and hand sanitiser, it has left a strain on hospitals and GP’s who are the ones of the frontline and truly need them. There has always been a financial strain on the NHS which is only likely to get worse during this pandemic, as more Doctors and Nurses will be taking time off if they need to quarantine themselves and more staff as needed during the influx of patients. 

Currently, there are a lot of systems being put in place to help support the NHS, with stadiums being used to take in patients, a new hospital being built and a lot of charity work generating millions to donate directly to the NHS. It’s too early to tell if this is enough during this time as we’re still waiting for reported cases to start declining.

Other Sectors

There are other sectors that clash with health, one being gym clothing and equipment. This, for example, has seen some small surges as new information comes to light about the country's plan. With the potential threat to stop the current 1-hour exercise advice if we don’t start seeing improvements, more people have been ordering home gym equipment to stay active during this time. Which is good for the economy currently, as there has been a complete halt to the high street.

To summarise, the future is very much uncertain and we’re expecting a poor economy to have a long-lasting effect on the world for years, so if you can donate to the community and support local business whenever possible, it’s going to make a difference.

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