There are many reasons why a company needs to have trust.  They need their customers to trust them as part of any customer experience (CX) initiative.  Happy customers is good afterall. Companies need trust with their employees as happy employees, makes happy customers and happy customers, should create profits.  Which then creates happy employees. Trust enables you gain customers, trust enables you to retain employees, trust enables you get get the best talent for your business, trust helps you to retain the best employees.  So how do we get trust and use it for competitive advantage?

We activate people on social.

This is not about getting them to link up with some tool to push out content.  This is about to explaining them and getting the employees, right across the company to buy into why this is good for them.  Also, why this is good for the business.

Getting buy-in is critical.

More than that, you have to get the mindset change and the habit change and this requires change management techniques. At my previous company we ran a webinar, told people why it would benefit them and nothing happened.  Why? Webinars are OK for facts, but no good for change management.

Knowing and doing are two very different things.

Still not convinced?  Take Apple, Facebook, Google, we all want to work there.  Their recruitment processes are a nightmare.  But they have created this vision and we all want to follow it.

You too can do this by sharing your culture on social.

Empower your employees to talk about your company, not as a "advert" but with authenticity.  The more authentic the better. It is where your employees are authentic that the magic will happen.  It is this authenticity that will garner trust as part of your digital transformation.