Dumb Struck: The Only Reaction to What’s Going On

If you’re like me, you’re speechless that 

  1. A man facing 91 criminal counts may become President.

  2. A candidate for the presidency claims he will act like a dictator. 

  3. The use of Hitlerian language can raise your poll numbers. 

  4. Harvard, MIT, & Penn’s presidents aren’t sure if spouting genocide is harassment.

  5. A presidential candidate can’t immediately state that slavery caused the Civil War.

  6. majority of Republicans oppose aid to Ukraine. 

  7. No one can parachute supplies to civilians in Gaza. 

  8. Hamas, whose days are numbered, doesn’t free the hostages in exchange for exile. 

  9. Biden is letting Iran’s proxies target our troops and commercial shipping.

  10. The EU is spending less than 2 percent, not 12 percent of GDP on defense.

  11. We can’t secure our border and most Democrats apparently think that’s ok. 

  12. Social Security is clawing back benefits from 2 million Americans annually.

  13. Supreme Court Justices are accepting gifts under the table with no consequences. 

  14. The Dept of Education can’t post online K-12 courses for use by every school.

  15. Politicians favor keeping Social Security “off the table” when it’s entirely broke.

  16. Idaho is driving half its obgyn doctors away due to its misogynistic abortion law.

  17. Electric vehicle charing stations are nowhere to be seen. 

  18. A large majority of Palestinians support Hamas’ horrific attack on Israeli civilians.

  19. Almost three-fifths of Republicans favor more use of fossil fuels.

  20. Three fifths of Americans don’t know who we fought in WWII.

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