Do You Remember Why You Want to Be Successful?

Life gives us everything we need – both challenges and opportunities – toxic and healthy lessons and people come into our path so we can learn discernment; the difference between being in healthy places rather than continuing to put Band-Aids on broken and dying ones.

There is beauty in truth and adversity, which helps us look inside ourselves to trust our intuition on what excesses and deficiencies we carry with us.

When you can see with new eyes, you can address the darkness and see what is getting in your way. You may even finally understand what your gut has been whispering to you since childhood about what you want to create in the world.You will realize you are not a victim of life. You are here to experience life to the fullest.Until you can hear your own voice, in a world that tries to make you like everyone else, you will focus on ego gratification of being the first and the best. You will seek validation, in all the unhealthy places, outside yourself. You will stay stuck in the hamster wheel of winning at all costs.But what if you are enough? What if you became aware of how beautiful you are, as you are?What would you say when you felt whole and complete in body, mind, heart and spirit?"One beautiful, powerful soul that understands that self-love is possible when you can become aware of whether you are consuming natural medicine or a toxic poison, be it food, beliefs or people."Isn’t it time for forgiveness and letting go?Isn't it time to reclaim your power and your voice?Isn't it your time to create and weave a healthy life for you, for me, and every living being on the planet.

What Pile Are You Climbing?

There was once a caterpillar called Green who felt there was more to life than munching on his leaves. So, he decided to leave the comfort of his home to explore what he was missing out on. His search brought him to a very tall pile of caterpillars. Being a team player, he decided to join them. At first, he climbed on top of one and then another and soon he was stepping on many others to get higher up. He was very curious and he started to become goal orientated the more ambitious he became wanting to know where the top of the pile was.Half way up, Green’s locked eyes with another caterpillar, Yellow. They exchanged looks and talked. To take the next step, he had to climb on top of Yellow. Now he had seen her, he found he couldn’t do it. There was no alternative but to turn around and make their way down to the bottom and take another path to be together.They had a happy life, until one day the curiosity came back and Green had to try again and find out what was at the top of the pile that everyone aspired to achieve. Yellow was sad and tried to talk him out of it but Green left anyway.Green went back and started climbing again. In the meantime, Yellow went for a walk and met another caterpillar Red hanging on a branch. He invited her to join him and transform into a butterfly. She wasn’t sure as she wanted to be home in case Yellow returned but decided to hang out anyway.As Yellow was getting close to the top of the pile, he suddenly heard screams and some of the caterpillars fell to their deaths. He wasn’t deterred, nothing was going to stop him the second time. He carried on. As he got closer to the top, he overheard two caterpillars arguing.The metaphor for this story is beautifully illustrated in Hope for the Flowers, by Trina Paulus which addresses the unnecessary suffering incurred clawing your way to the top of the corporate ladder to get ahead for a better life.Many of us have become the caterpillar who yearns to get to the top. It takes time, and sometimes a lifetime, to get the clarity we need to find the right pile that is for us. It is like being trapped in a spiral where we are too focused on the destination rather than the journey. We are so busy achieving, arriving and winning that we cannot see clearly and everything is a whirl.Related: The Power is Within When You Let GoYou need a lot of patience when work is very demanding whether it is in the corporate or non-profit world. It truly is the most important aspect to persevere, to hold steady and firm. It requires a patient and tolerant mindset to be open for the right people to appear and the resources to show up."Enduring through all the twists and turns, you must develop a relationship with your mind and heart to trust and let the process unfold."This is true no matter whether you are seeking harmony in your professional or personal life. When you can connect with your inner self, you can find harmony with yourself. You are tested and challenged along the way so you can adjust, transform, un-learn so you can re-learn, re-invent and rebuild yourself."We have all been wired with an enthusiasm to explore, to question and, along the way we can discover our huge capacity for compassion."This is where part of our problem lies. So many of us become totally focused on the goal. Everyone is so busy climbing the ladder of success that they don’t remember why they want to be successful. But everyone wants to get there, and once they do, they may have a moment of glory but soon find out that too is fleeting.