Discovering the Future Gets You There Earlier

How do you remain relevant?

If you’re a market leader, is it enough to keep executing on your existing product line? Can you continue to grow market share, profit, efficiency? This is the question faced by so many companies, large and small alike. If you’re the corner grocer and you provide great products, selection, and service, that should be enough right?

Well, there are three other corners to the intersection. And there are other blocks. And in the virtual world of the Internet, there are unlimited corners and blocks. To compete in the future, you need to get there before the competition. Sounds mystical, like a magic trick. After all, predicting the future is fraught with risk right? It’s an art, not a science. Not exactly.

It is in fact, not predicting the future, but discovering the future that gets you there earlier. And discovering comes from both knowing and doing. Having real knowledge of the past, a clear awareness of the present, and a sense of the current forces in play that shape the future. And then, through experiments, through research, through execution, you can see and discover that future.

It’s tough to know but Sony is showing signs of getting there.