Are You Doing Good?

Many good people do good and many not so good people claim to do good in the world. But what does it even mean? A wise woman recently reminded me that what most people want is dignity, not handouts.

People want opportunity.

The question is not whether you do good, or are a good person.The question is are you true to yourselfor are you living according to someone else's definition of whether you are a good person?It is not always easy to be true to yourself as it requires shedding centuries of conditioning and fear that has been instilled in us. And today, doing good is simply not enough.When you lift yourself up, only then you can lift others. When you are truly good to yourself, you can have more empathy and compassion. And then you can co-create and become part of purposeful communities. But until then, you are simply dispensing band-aids in a collapsing system.Related: The Power is Within When You Let GoWhen you fully expose yourself to all of life, you will see people; not audiences or stakeholders to "engage" with. You will not want to change anyone but your own compass and GPS so you can be true to yourself. And there is no class for that in our current systems.You have to want to break away from good and move into your truth. How far are you willing to go in this lifetime? #its4me

“To change an existing imagined order, we must first believe in an alternative imagined order.” ― Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind