6 Ways To Alleviate Work-Related Stress

Everyone experiences stress in their lives, but work-related pressure is one type that's hard to get away from. Every job has its ups and downs, but when you're working with a large group of people or with tight deadlines, it can lead to increasingly negative feelings. Unfortunately, stress is horrible for your health and takes a toll on personal relationships. To prevent this situation from ruining your life, here are six ways to alleviate work-related stress.

1. Reduce Your Hours

What happens if you're feeling the effects of stress at work, but you otherwise love your job? The solution may be as simple as reducing your hours. Of course, it depends on your profession, but many companies will allow you to change your hours or let you partially work from home. This also alleviates the tension of your daily commute. Before approaching management, have a well-formulated plan to spend less time in the office, and know how it'll benefit the company.

2. Engage in an Exercise You Enjoy

Another excellent way to relieve work-related stress is to engage in an exercise that you enjoy. Exercises like running, walking and swimming release endorphins, those well-known neurotransmitters that make you feel wonderful. Plus, a favorite fitness activity gives you something to look forward to. For example, if you love to swim, quick and easy swimming pool loans would provide a fun place to destress every day after work, right in your own backyard.

3. Spend Some Time Alone

If you work five or six days per week in a busy, stressful company, you need to recharge your batteries before you become burnt out. For most people, this means spending some time by themselves. Alone time allows you to regroup and quiet your thoughts, letting the week's stress melt away. With a busy job where you don't get a lot of free time, it's important to check in with yourself and make sure you're on track with your goals.

4. Practice Meditation

A lot of people think meditation isn't for them, but you'd be surprised at how easy it can be. Try carving out a little time every morning where you can sit with yourself and concentrate on the present moment. Clear your mind of past mistakes and future worries, because they serve you no purpose. Over time, meditation will relieve stress over the things you can't control and help you achieve a happier life both in and away from your job.

5. Get Yourself Organized

If there's anything that can create more stress in your life, it's disorganization. Clutter and a messy space make it difficult to relax, or concentrate on the task at hand. It also gives you a sense of unfinished business and prevents you from moving forward. Instead of letting disorder get the best of you, take a day to clean, shred and establish a to-do list. Staying organized will alleviate a tremendous amount of stress, and prevent you from missing important deadlines. 

6. Talk to Family and Friends

When the stress of your job bogs you down, nothing gets you out of a rut quite like time spent with family or friends. You work hard, so give yourself a free pass for fun by gathering a group of close friends for a night out or an impromptu road trip. When you're spending time with loved ones, your stress tends to evaporate, especially when you're with someone that can commiserate with you. 


If work-related stress is wreaking havoc in your life, finding a solution doesn't have to be complicated. With a little extra organization, exercise and reduced work hours, both your mood and your job performance will improve.

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