The Intricate World of Long-Term Care and Caregiving

Caring for an aging loved one is by no means an easy feat.

Whether it is you, another family member, or an industry professional who is the one taking the wheel, we want to ensure they receive the care they deserve.

In this episode, Jim Kruzan, CFP®, CRPC®, dives deep into the heart of family caregiving with returning guest Becky Eizen from Eizen Consulting Group, LLC. Together, they tackle the intricate world of long-term care, sharing personal experiences and helpful advice along the way.

Becky also guides us through the maze of deciding on the best care options, understanding its financial implications, and navigating the emotional journey of caregiving.

Jim and Becky discuss:

  • How long-term care differs from Medicare
  • Important details and caveats to look out for while selecting long-term care insurance
  • Long-term care options and the financial obligations associated with each
  • Emotional challenges of balancing caregiving and career
  • The importance of having clear end-of-life directives in place
  • And more!

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