What You Should Know About Your Portfolio’s Exposure to Russia

How do you hold individuals, investors, and larger companies accountable in a timely fashion when considering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Learn how you can support Ukrainians from an investing standpoint in this week’s episode of Deep Impact Investing. 

This week, Kimberly Griego-Kiel and Johann Klaassen welcome Sonia Kowal, President of Zevin Asset Management. Together, they talk about the Russian-Ukrainian situation while unveiling the importance of looking at corporate and individual investing exposures to Russian companies to mitigate humanitarian and financial risk. 

 Sonia, Kim, and Johann discuss:

  • The two major risks concerned with direct exposure to Russian companies in your mutual funds
  • How to push multinational corporations out of Russia
  • The overarching risk of investing in authoritarian regimes across the world
  • The critical role of community investment in Ukraine’s recovery
  • And more!

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