Fueling Technological Breakthroughs in Energy Transition

Back in 1962, President Kennedy declared that by the end of the decade the United States would have a man on the moon. Energy transition is an entirely different animal where the  technology, consumer sentiment, and politics will require further progress before we can declare victory.

In this inaugural episode, Kieran Cavanna, CIO, Old Farm Partners and host of the Thematic Investors podcast, is joined by Todd Kantor, Founder and Managing Member of Encompass Capital Advisors LLC. This is a critical podcast for those interested in energy transition and the investment strategies that are required to play in this arena.

Kieran and Todd discuss: 

  • How Todd and the Encompass team define above and below surface risk, and how they apply it in investment decisions today.
  • Are we fighting a losing battle in climate change if China emissions have increased over 7 billion tons since 1999?
  • How much are Americans willing to spend in the fight on climate change? Hint: there’s a significant mismatch between responses and what’s actually needed.
  • The difference in active investing and passive investing in this sector.
  • The critical importance of data analytics, and why being a data junkie is especially important when analyzing energy transition strategies.

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