Discussing Economic Policy with Obama's Chief Economist Jason Furman


I'm delighted to add Jason Furman to the stellar lists of guests I've interviewed for Economics Matters -- the Podcast. Jason and I agree, by my reckoning, about half the time. But each time we talk, the share rises. He is, to my deep consternation, always teaching me that what I was sure I had right was dead wrong. So, get ready to learn a lot from this podcast. Also, get ready to hear about one of country's leading economic policymakers. Jason, as his bio below, makes clear, was President Obama's Chair of the President Council of Economic Advisers and was President Obama's chief economist during both Obama Administrations. He also played an important role in directing economic policy under President Clinton. Clear, candid, precise, brilliant, incisive, and insightful -- Jason Furman is not just one of the great practitioners of economics, but one of the great conveyers. Get ready for a real treat!

Jason Furman is the Aetna Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy jointly at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and the Department of Economics at Harvard University. Furman engages in public policy through research, writing and teaching in a wide range of areas including U.S. and international macroeconomics, fiscal policy, labor markets and competition policy. Previously Furman served eight years as a top economic adviser to President Obama, including serving as the 28th Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from August 2013 to January 2017, acting as both President Obama’s chief economist and a member of the cabinet. In addition to articles in scholarly journals and periodicals, Furman is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and Project Syndicate and the editor of two books on economic policy. Furman holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University.

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