Can You Harvest the “Fruit” of Volatility?

Discover the secrets of wealth mastery as we unveil strategies that will work for you no matter what your portfolio looks like. 

In this episode, Josh unravels essential strategies for navigating uncertain financial landscapes, drawing insights from the practices of the ultra-wealthy and astute investors. Starting with the importance of diversifying a portfolio to mitigate market fluctuations, exploring options like fixed income and advanced strategies. We then delve into the concept of “dry powder” and how it empowers investors to seize opportunities without unnecessary trading. Advanced tax planning steps are also unveiled, offering potential avenues to maximize tax advantages. 

Josh discusses: 

  • Three hidden opportunities to take advantage of and two costly mistakes to avoid when the market is volatile
  • Essential questions to ask yourself in the process
  • The importance of partnering with knowledgeable financial professionals as trusted resources due to the current online climate 
  • Finding advanced tax strategies for wealth preservation
  • Importance of caution with investment trends and social media Influencers
  • And more

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