Building Tips Ladders To Achieve a Stable Living Standard wth Allan Roth


This is the perfect time to consider purchasing TIPS -- Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. Their yield hasn't been this high for decades/ TIPS can be used to build your living standard floor and experience only upside to your living standard. (Btw, my company's MaxiFi Planner Premium and Pro software does Upside Investing.) Allan is expert on TIPS and how to ladder them. But he's an amazing font of knowledge on all aspects of personal finance. And, having advised huge companies, he's spending his "retirement" helping the little or, at least, littler folk. Please tune in to this fascinating episode of Economics Matters -- the Podcast. 

Allan is the founder of Wealth Logic, LLC. An hourly based financial planning and investment advisory firm. He has been working in the investment world for decades in both corporate and personal finance. Allan has served as corporate finance officer of two multi-billion dollar companies, and consulted with many others while at McKinsey & Company.

Allan takes pride in being mocked on a semi-regular basis by some financial professionals for his hourly fee model and its obvious inability to make him rich. He is also the author of How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street (Wiley & Sons in 2009 and 2011) and writes for AARP, Financial Planning Magazine and others. Allan has taught finance and behavioral finance at the University of Denver, Colorado College, and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Despite the many credentials (CFP, CPA, MBA) he has earned, Allan claims he can still keep investing simple. His professional goal is to never be confused with Jim Cramer.

Allan received his B.S. from the University of Colorado, his MBA from Northwestern University, and is a graduate of Stanford's Graduate School of Business' Executive Education Program

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