4 High Converting Fee Pages for Financial Advisors

Written by: Amanda Larson As an advisor, you may be considering whether or not you should include your fees on your website . While you may want to explain these costs in-person so you have a chance to explain them, by not including pricing information on your site, prospects could assume they’re much higher than they actually are. By listing these numbers, you’re eliminating the chances of prospects getting spooked before they even talk to you.And while you may be concerned that by listing your fees, you’ll be compared to other advisors, it’s important to note that by not listing your pricing, you may not have a chance to meet with a potential prospect at all. So, you might as well list them so users do not immediately leave your site after coming up with their own potentially false conclusions. Especially if you have a minimum, it’s worthwhile to list your fees to qualify prospects before you offer them a free, initial consultation. Similarly, transparency lets them know that you’re an open, honest communicator who has nothing to hide.Here are four examples of some top converting fees pages that can help give you a better idea of how to showcase your fees on your site so that instead of scaring people away, you invite them in through strategic and transparent messaging.


We love Gold Canyon Financial Planning’s fees page because before they even get into the specific details of their pricing, they remind people of their fiduciary responsibility to clients, in turn removing any hindrance of suspicion or apprehension the prospect may have.After establishing some trust, they provide their AUM fees in an easy-to-understand format, followed by a straightforward hourly and project-based fee. This site is a great example of tackling a sensitive topic with honesty, integrity and accountability.


Financial Planning Done Right showcases its fees on multiple pages, however, each fee is very simple and straightforward, making it easy for a prospect to determine whether or not that want to invest in the service.Related: 10 Blogging Mistakes Financial Advisors MakeUsers can choose from three options: The Retirement Readiness Income Planner, the annual retainer and hourly services. Each service page has its pricing highlighted in a bright blue box, making the fee information easy to find. This site is a great example of letting your services lead the show, while the fees are secondary information that provides prospects with the necessary details they need to make their decision. Not only that, but the value of each service is outlined succinctly and effectively, leaving no room for doubt about the benefits it can offer a potential client.


Similar to Gold Canyon Financial Planning, United Financial Planning Group introduces its fees with information that helps establish trust and credibility from the very beginning. After mentioning that they’re a fee-only firm and outlining their initial meeting steps, the firm provides information about each service they offer, followed by a brief line about each service’s fees.Rather than getting lost in the numbers, prospects can quickly learn more about the company before considering the pricing for each service. And for the firm’s tax preparation services, they have a call-to-action for prospects to request an estimate, allowing users to easily get in touch to obtain more specific fee information.


Lastly, we have Settlement Investment Services. This site tackles fees in a different way by providing a table labeled by tiers so prospects know exactly what they get with each package. Each tier also has a minimum listed at the very top. Additionally, before getting into each specific offering, users are informed of the firm’s AUM fee.This table is another great example of being transparent while also providing detailed information in a concise and condensed format so prospects do not get overwhelmed. After viewing this table, users will have a better understanding of the firm’s services, as well as what they get with each investment.