Your Favorite Financial Adages Are the Keys To Growing Your Influence – Here’s Why

As an advisor, you guide clients to do the right things with their money and mindset. And it’s no coincidence that the ones who listen have the most optimized wealth. 

Imagine you applied this exact same expertise to become more influential in your market…

In this episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe flip the script. They show you how to look in the mirror and take your own advice as an advisor. Matt and Kirk have some fun sharing examples of commonly used financial adages that, when applied to running a business, will make massive shifts in your influence trajectory. 

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • How to build marketing equity that creates Marketing Momentum over time
  • How diversification in marketing creates greater value for your audience
  • Every reason to work with a marketing specialist (vs. generalist)
  • The dangers of falling behind on sharing your thought leadership and Return on Influence
  • And more

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