Win Your Goals Through Financial Education and Comprehensive Planning

Everybody knows what winners are and what winning is. But Corey Heimensen from Heimensen Wealth Advisors uses WIN as an acronym for What’s Important Now.

In the inaugural episode of The WIN Podcast, What’s Important Now, Corey shares everything you need to know about him. Including how he educates clients on what is important right now to his passion for eighties hair bands and rock and roll music. Corey provides you with the rundown you need to get to know him while revealing the easy ways he and his team can help you reach your goals and objectives through education and comprehensive planning. 

Corey discusses:

  • His motivation to get into the financial services industry 
  • Heimensen Wealth’s client demographic and why is it so important for the company to work alongside optimistic individuals
  • The two types of investors the firm specializes in 
  • Reasons why he decided to be an Accredited Investment Fiduciary
  • His inspiring business (and investment) philosophy 
  • And more!

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