Why You Should Unlock Your Portfolio’s Potential

Could your portfolio be working harder for you?

Get your pen and pad ready for a wealth of investment wisdom with Jerry Goodman and Megan Hubbard in the latest episode of “The Organized Investor PodCLASS”. Episode 11 turns the spotlight on maximizing your investment performance, blending expert advice with practical strategies. With their unique blend of experience and humor, Jerry and Megan make finance both accessible and engaging.

Key Highlights:

  • Striking Performance Revealed: Uncover the secrets behind Tennessee Wealth Management’s 190 advisory accounts boasting a notable five-year return rate of 14.06%
  • Lottery Ticket Metaphor: Grasp the significance of treating your investment portfolio as a potential goldmine, emphasizing the need for vigilant management and regular reviews
  • DSIP List Insights: Dive into the Wells Fargo Research DSIP List, a dividend-raising stock strategy aimed at boosting investment performance by 2% annually
  • Active Investment Strategy: Learn how Jerry and Megan’s selective stock choices and balanced allocations contribute to robust, risk-minimized returns
  • Tailored Financial Guidance: Discover the potential in even the smallest of portfolios and the simplicity of getting a professional second opinion
  • Engaging Learning Experiences: Connect with the hosts in live Knoxville workshops and through personalized consultations to dive deeper into your financial journey
  • Sneak Peek into the Future: Anticipate future episodes filled with more vital financial wisdom and impactful investment tactics

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