What’s Your Company’s Rallying Cry? The Art of Manifestos

“Manifestos are the rallying cries, anthems, mantras, North Stars and noble constitutions of organizations — the unique why’s that can fundamentally change [your] future course and the way [you] engage with [your] people and customers.”  –– Charles Blackwell

In this episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe talk to Charles Blackwell, chief manifester at Manifesto Destiny. As a 30-year verteran of copy writing, Charles is an expert in crafting corporate manifestos that encourage customers and stakeholders to buy in, not just buy. He talks about the importance of articulating your brand messaging through a manifesto and shares ways to incorporate it into all forms of your internal and external marketing.

Charles discusses: 

  • How to use your WHY story as a guiding light for your brand
  • How to use your audience’s struggle, and your solution to that struggle, as the key component of your manifesto
  • Why a manifesto is an essential communications tool for brands of all sizes
  • An example of a brand manifesto that he created for Axia NetMedia
  •  And more